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About AAC

The Academic Advising Center serves junior and sophomore students in the Howard University School of Communications. All students should meet with their advisers as soon as they matriculate in the school and on a regular basis to be advised as to what classes to take.

Incoming students are assigned alphabetically to one of the two advisers, and all seniors are advised by the senior academic adviser, who is also responsible for clearing students for graduation. Graduate students are advised through their graduate studies departments and should see their director of graduate studies for assistance.

Academic advisers help students with their selection of courses following a graduation scheme developed in partnership with the four academic departments. To support all students, the advisers run Man Up and Sister Stars, two single gender support groups for Communications majors. Advisers also manage a retention program to assist students who are on academic probation or approaching academic probation.

The Academic Advisory Center assists with recruitment, admissions and testing of transfer students ( Academic advisers meet with transfer students to analyze their transcripts to determine which course credits will transfer. The advisers in conjunction with the associate dean for student affairs also maintain The Student Handbook of the Howard University School of Communications. The part of the Handbook that is relevant to student affairs is called “Academic Affairs” and it summarizes the rules of the School regarding transfer of credit, grading policy, good academic standing, probation, suspension, graduation requirements, use of the Consortium of Universities, exchange programs, etc.

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