About the Tech Center

The Tech Center exists primarily to serve the academic programs in the Cathy Hughes School of Communications.  In 2021, we introduced the CHSOC Helpdesk to provide continued technical support.

The Camera Center consists of the Cannon Camera shop to equip students with all of the necessary equipment to complete approved assignments; and the Helpdesk to address professor and student classroom needs, such as: cables, connectors, power and other classroom needs.

As an important component in the education of our students, we believe it is our responsibility to foster a production culture by creating an environment that closely mimics what our students may face upon graduation.


The MET Building

300 Bryant St NW,

Rooms 200D

Washington D.C., 20001

Center Director: Clifton Jones Director

Email: clifton.jones@howard.edu

Center Email: HUTM-SOCTechCenter@howard.edu

Phone: (202) 806-6670