Principles of Speech

Grow your communication skills

The Principles of Speech course is designed to develop skills for effective communication within a variety of contexts including academic, organizational, and professional settings as well as interpersonal relationships. It is a performance course based on the application of the study of communication theory. The goals of this course are to improve the student’s ability to:

  1. Speak before an audience
  2. Listen to and analyze speeches
  3. Interact more effectively interpersonally with others
  4. Increase awareness of the role of communication in our society. 

Although natural ability is an asset, every student's capabilities in speech communication can be markedly improved through an understanding of the communication process, continued training in communication principles, and practice in interpersonal, intercultural, group and speaker-audience situations. 

The course is an essential component of the Undergraduate Core Curriculum of Howard University and is designed to ensure that undergraduate students acquire and demonstrate proficiency in three essential skill areas: (1) theoretical foundations of effective communication dynamics, (2) skills, practice, and confidence in public speaking, and (3) critical thinking and reasoning. The course is listed under the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication within the Cathy Hughes School of Communications, and the program director, Dr. Tia C. M. Tyree, is a professor within the department.

Principles of Speech is taught by doctoral students in the Graduate and Teaching Associates Development Program who have undergone rigorous training in an exciting, growth-filled, and invigorating year of experiences.

Dr. Tia Tyree, Director of Principles of Speech



Graduate and Teaching Associates Development Program