Strategic, Legal and Management Communication

About SLMC

The Strategic, Legal and Management Communication (SLMC) Department prepares students for careers and advanced study in communication used for strategic purposes such as public relations and special event planning, advertising and sales, non-profit and for-profit management, law and policy, organizational training and development, corporate communications, government relations, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing communications and media management. SLMC is also home to Principles of Speech, a signature course in Howard's university-wide core curriculum. 

SLMC majors develop strong critical reasoning, writing and case development, verbal and nonverbal communication, problem-solving, research design and implementation. 

Students become equipped with persuasive and informative methodologies to enhance the creation and development of messages in a variety of communication contexts including digital media. 

The MET Building

300 Bryant Street NW,

Room 101-C2 

Washington D.C. 20001

Chair: Kehbuma Langmia


Phone: 202.806.6063

A Message From Our Chair

New and transfer students, welcome to the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication (SLMC). Here, you will receive world-class education from award-winning and internationally recognized faculty members who will instill pedagogical, research and professional skills that will make you change agents in the world. You are heartily welcomed.

Our Programs


The Cathy Hughes School of Communications Scholarship program is designed to assist current students with the cost of attending Howard University.

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Is the SLMC Program Right For You?

Are you a strategic communicator?

Do you want to be social media guru, event planner or activation rockstar, crisis manager (Olivia Pope-style), public relations influencer or advertising architect for some of the top global brands? Do you want to gain real-world experience on a student-run strategic communications firm?

Learn more about majors in strategic communication

Are you a legal ‘live wire’?

Are you the next luminescent legal mind, a dynamo in the courtroom? A key changemaker on social policies or contributor to issues surfacing in the public sphere?

Learn more about majoring in legal communication.

Are you a management maven?

Do you want to become an expert on improving organizational culture, emphasizing inclusivity? A leader in the management of a diverse and ever-changing workforce? 

Learn more about majors in management and organizational communication.

Grow your communication skills

SLMC is also home to the foundational Principles of Speech program—a general education course requirement for all Howard University students—under the direction of Dr. Tia Tyree.

Do You Want to Diversify your skillset?

A major in interdisciplinary studies blends the foundational courses in the Cathy Hughes School of Communications with your own passions to develop an innovative curriculum, designed by and for you. 

Want to Minor in SLMC?

SLMC offers a minor for students interesting in expanding their communications toolkit. contact us to learn more.

Our Faculty & Staff

Roger Caruth

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Jae Eun Chung

Associate Professor

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Emily M. Cramer


Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Nicole Dillard, Esq.


Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Sheryl Johnson-Ross

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Charrose King



Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Jean Claude Kwitonda

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Kehbuma Langmia


Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Angela Minor

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Chuka Onwumechili, Ph.D.

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Samantha Powers

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Tia C. M. Tyree, PHD



Strategic, Legal & Management Communication

Richard Wright

Strategic, Legal & Management Communication