SLMC Now Offers Intro Course in Health Communication

SLMC Now Offers Intro Course in Health Communication

Did you know?

  • Healthcare is the number one source of jobs in the U.S.
  • Hospitals budget an average of $3.1 million for pr and marketing, with $950,000 earmarked for interactive marketing and $640,000 for website development.
  • Along with other crises, cyber attacks cost hospitals roughly $6 billion a year … With the organization’s reputation and integrity at stake.

Health communication matters.

Introduction to Health Communication (SLMC 252) is a general elective course coming out of the Cathy Hughes School of Communications that’s open to all students at Howard. Consider registering for the fall course!

The course can enhance the following majors: public relations, advertising, pre-med, nursing,
communication disorders, journalism, pre-law, organizational communication.

SLMC 252: Introduction to Health Communication

Register for the Fall 2018 course or e-mail Dr. Emily Cramer with questions.