New Public Speaking Text Revised by Dr. Richard Wright

Principles of Speech Program Debuts HU-Curated-and-Authored Textbook

As director of the Principles of Speech (POS) program, a core curriculum requirement at Howard University, Dr. Richard Wright wanted a course text that was customized for the Howard student. So he worked out an agreement with the course’s textbook publisher, Macmillan, to produce a revised and redesigned 2019 text for the POS courses at Howard.

The original text by Joshua Gunn, entitled “Speech Craft,” was revised in three ways:

  • The courses’s teaching assistants were invited to write material, which Wright edited, into the revised version of the text.
  • The text received a new name: “Growing Through Communication: Releasing the Speaking Dynamic in You.”
  • The textbook now features an article Wright wrote entitled, “Exploration into the power of words.”

This revised text represents a commitment to the eventual development of a textbook for the Howard POS program that is produced exclusively from contributions by POS program participants.

The POS program is housed within the Cathy Hughes School of Communications.