HU Alumna Adrienne Bolden Selected as Inaugural PRSSA VP of Diversity & Inclusion

HU Alumna Adrienne Bolden Selected as Inaugural PRSSA VP of Diversity & Inclusion

Howard alumna Adrienne Bolden (BS ’06) was selected as the inaugural vice president of diversity & inclusion and a member of the PRSSA 2019–20 National Committee. This position was enacted by a bylaw proposed at the PRSSA 2019 National Assembly in Portland. Multiple passionate students applied for the role, further highlighting the position’s importance.

Diversity and inclusion is the future of not only PRSSA, but of their industry. Having a dedicated position in this space will allow PRSSA to build internal communities of awareness and equity. Ashleigh Kathryn, PRSSA 2018–2019 National President said, “I’m personally very excited to work with Bolden and learn how we can guide and educate our Society on a national, regional and local level.”

Bolden shared, “I am honored to have been selected to serve as the first vice president of diversity & inclusion. My plan for the year is to ensure PRSSA achieves real impact from our D&I initiatives. Our members and chapters are a huge part of that.”

Bolden is a member of the Florida International University PRSSA Chapter, where she is completing her master’s degree in global strategic communications. She received her bachelor’s degree from Howard University, where she transitioned from biology to public relations. Bolden has had many experiences that qualify her for this position.

“I could share all of my degrees, certifications, trainings, and management experience, all of which can be found on my LinkedIn profile or by googling me,” said Bolden. “However, what most qualifies me for this position is that I am passionate and committed to working to change the level of inclusion of people with diverse backgrounds in every facet of life, beginning with our representation in the field of communications.”

Bolden shares PRSSA’s vision of fostering new diversity and inclusion programming and opportunities within the Society. Bolden has profound insights and passion for diversity, inclusion and belonging and is expected to have a big impact on PRSSA. Bolden has already connected with various thought leaders and champions of diversity forming mentorships that have helped guide this passion. “Bill Imada gave a talk at PRSA Miami in January where he said ‘find the intersection between the communities.’ D&I is about fostering cultural awareness, respect and belonging.”