Dr. Martine Elie Recipient of the Professional Achievement Award

Dr. Martine Elie, Director of the Howard University Speech and Hearing Clinic was bestowed the Professional Achievement Award by The Association of Haitian Professionals (AHP) at their 3rd Annual Gala on March 15, 2019. AHP is an organization of Haitian professionals established to address the professional, educational, cultural, and social needs of their community. Upon receiving the announcement Dr. Elie commented:

“As a Haitian American, I am honored to be recognized by the Association of Haitian Professionals. In my capacity as the director of the Speech and Hearing Clinic at Howard, the cross-section of clinical service provision, research, and service to the global community has afforded me the opportunity to empower others with their voice. Speech Language Pathologists give voice to the voiceless. As a child Haitian immigrants, who was instilled with a strong sense of country and pride it means the world to me to receive the professional achievement award and recognized as a contemporary voice in my community.”