Wei Sun, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Culture and Media Studies (CCMS)

Education: PhD, Howard University; MA, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; MA, Beijing Normal University, China; BA, Qufu Normal University, China

Research Interests:

Dr. Sun’s research interests include: Minority invisibility, health communication and technology, crisis communication, intercultural communication, political messaging and audience reception.V

Professional Experience:

Dr. Wei Sun’s research interests include intercultural communication, media studies, health communication and minority invisibility. She is a graduate faculty at Department of Communication, Culture and Media Studies, Howard University, Washington, DC.  She teaches Intercultural Communication, Qualitative Research Methods, Social Media, Communication and Culture, Diversity and Leadership, Community and Public Health, etc. Her publications have appeared on The Howard Journal of Communications, Intercultural Communication Studies, and World Communication. Her scholarly works on health communication, social media, crisis communication and intercultural conflict management have been included in several academic books.

Selected Publications:

Sun, W. (2018). A critical discourse of “Minority Women for Trump” campaigns on social media. In N. Bilge & M. I. Marino (Eds.). Reconceptualizing New Media and Intercultural Communication in a Networked Society (pp.303-327). Hersey, PA: IGI Global Publishing.

Sun, W. (2017). “The enemy at the door”: My friend’s lonely and silent battle to breast cancer. In K. M. Williams and F. S. Morant. (Eds.). Reifying Women’s Experiences with Invisible Illness (pp.123-137). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

 Sun, W. & Crtichfield, A.J. (2012). Inoculating Invisibility and Communicating Cancer Among Survivors, Health Providers and Caregivers: The Friendly Circle of Cancer Patients Chinese Blog. In P. H. Cheong, J. Martin and L. Macfadyen (eds). New Media and Intercultural Communication. Peter Lang.

Sun, W. (Forthcoming). A Qualitative Exploration of Millennial Employees’ Work Related Stress and Retention.  In S.Smith (Ed.). Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement of a Millennial Workforce. Lexington Books.

Sun, W., Herbert, S.& Jenkins, J. (Forthcoming). College Millennials’ Career Preparedness to the Workforce: They Say They Are Ready. In S. Smith (Ed.).
Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement of a Millennial Workforce. Lexington Books.

Sun, W. (forthcoming). China’s National Media Coverage of Counter-terrorism and its Netizens’ Reactions, In E. K. Ngwainmbi (Ed.). Citizenship, Democracy, and Media Engagement among Emerging Economies and Marginalized Communities, Palgrave MacMillan.

Wei Sun, Ph.D.
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