Tia C. M. Tyree, Ph.D.

Professor | Strategic, Legal and Management Communications Department

Dr. Tia C. M. Tyree is a Professor and Assistant Chair within the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication at Howard University. She currently teaches undergraduate courses in the department’s strategic communications sequence and graduate courses within the Department of Communication, Culture and Media Studies.

Her research interests include African-American and female representations in the mass media, hip hop, rap, reality television, film and social media. She published articles and book chapters in several journals and books, including Women and Language; Howard Journal of Communications; Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism; Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men; Feminist Theory and Pop Culture and Journal of Black Studies. She is the author of The Interesting and Incredibly Long History of American Public Relations, a unique introductory book designed to familiarize the reader to the roots of U.S. public relations. She is also co-editor of HBCU Experience – The Book, which is a collection of personal essays from HBCU graduates, and Social Media: Pedagogy and Practice, a premier book in the field of social media research.

Prior to joining the academy, she served as the Public Relations Manager for the D.C. Housing Finance Agency. Her duties included advising the executive director on various departmental and agency functions, programs, policies and external business opportunities; developing advertising, media, marketing, communications and public outreach campaigns; managing all media-related functions; media training; customer relations; and writing and designing bimonthly print and electronic newsletters, annual reports and other public outreach products. She served also served as the Public Information Officer for the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development. At the department, she acted as the agency’s spokesperson, handled media relations, created public outreach strategies and departmental policies, developed information products, handled crisis communications, acted as a key community liaison; wrote speeches for the city’s mayor and the department’s executive director and promoted the organization using various channels. As a Public Relations Consultant for Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc., she developed local and national public outreach strategies for the U.S. Army’s Chemical Demilitarization Program. During her career, she also served as a Junior Associate with the LY Group, Inc. and Public Relations Manager for Princess Ashley, Inc., where she developed media strategies and helped market and promote R&B singer Toni Braxton and the R&B group called The Braxtons.

Before beginning her public relations career, she honed her writing skills by working as a beat reporter for The Sun in Baltimore, Maryland; Florida Today in Melbourne, Florida; and States News Service in Washington, D.C. Her experience as a reporter has given her an edge in the public relations field, allowing her to recognize news trends, properly relate and communicate with media representatives and create mock interviews and potential media questions for her employees.

Dr. Tyree earned a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland; Masters of Arts in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland and Ph.D. in Mass Communications and Media Studies from Howard University.

Selected Publications:

Tyree, Tia C. M. & Jones, Michelle. (2018). How Michelle Obama uses her social media presence to support the black community: An analysis of the FLOTUS presidential initiatives through the lens of black feminism. Women and Language, 41(2), 7-30.

Williams, M. & Tyree, Tia C. M. (2018). How to be a postfeminist: A critical discourse analysis of celebrity culture, sexual messages, and feminism in Amber Rose’s How to Be a Bad Bitch. In Carol Madere, How Celebrity Lives Affect Our Own: Understanding the Impact on Americans’ Public and Private Lives, (pp. 222-249). Roman and Littlefield: Lanham, MD.

Tyree Tia C. M. (2017). Making movie money: A 25-Year analysis of rappers’ acting roles in Hollywood movies. Journal of Hip Hop Studies, 4(1), 118-147.

Tyree, Tia. C.M. (2017). How rich media and discussion boards in online classes can foster student learning and an understanding of online social activism: A special focus on Black Lives Matter. In S. Ferris, H. Wilder & W. Paterson (Eds.), Unplugged from the Classroom.  Elsevier: Amsterdam.

Tyree, Tia. C. M. & Kirby, M. (2017). #THOTsBeLike: The construction of the new female sexual stereotype in social media. In Kehbuma Langmia & Tia Tyree, Social Media: Culture and Identity. Lexington Books: Lanham, MD.

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