Emily M. Cramer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Emily M. Cramer, PhD, studies how affordances of computer-mediated communication technologies shape human interaction and compel action—ways new media can be used strategically to bring about positive change in communities, particularly in the realm of health. With 10 years’ professional experiences in PR at a nationally recognized hospice and palliative care organization, Emily also explores spiritual and interpersonal discourse surrounding the end of life. Recent work can be found in Computers in Human Behavior, Health Communication, and American Journal of Men’s Health.

Emily is also the faculty advisor for the university’s D. Parke Gibson Chapter of PRSSA and association editor of the National Forensic Journal.

Selected Publications:

Cramer, E.M., Song, H. & Drent, A. (2016). Social comparison motivations, self-esteem, and affective responses related to Facebook use. Computers in Human Behavior, 64, 739-746.

Cramer, E.M. (2016). Health information behavior and involvement of expectant and recent fathers. American Journal of Men’s Health. E-pub ahead of print.

Cramer, E.M., Tenzek, K.T., & Allen, M. (2015). Recognizing success in the chaplain profession: Connecting perceptions with practice. Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy, 21(4), 131-150.

Rafferty, K., Cramer, E.M., Priddis, D., & Allen, M. (2015). Talking about end-of-life preferences in marriage: Applying the Theory of Motivated Information Management. Health Communication, 30(4), 409-418.

Song, H., Cramer, E.M., & McRoy, S. (2015). Information gathering and technology use among low-income minority men at risk for prostate cancer. American Journal of Men’s Health, 9(5), 235-246.

Emily M. Cramer, Ph.D.
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