Carolyn A. Stroman, Ph.D.

Research Associate, Howard University NOAA/for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS); Adjunct Appointment, College of Medicine, Howard University; Former Editor, The Howard Journal of Communications

Education: PhD., Syracuse University; M.L.S. Syracuse University; M.A. Atlanta University; B.A. Howard University.

 Courses Taught: Communication Research Methods; Research Writing; Health communication courses. During her tenure at Howard University, Dr. Stroman has been a member of more than 70 dissertation committees in various schools/departments, including sociology, nutritional sciences, genetics, and education.

Professional Experience: Dr. Stroman is a former Associate Dean of the School of Communications, Howard University (1972-1996). She also served as a Research Associate for the Institute for Urban Affairs, Howard University (1980-1987); Director of the Communications Research Center, School of Communications, Howard University (1987-1992); and is currently serving as a Research Associate for NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences, Howard University.

Research Interests: Dr. Stroman’s research interests are centered in the areas of African Americans and mass communication, and health communication and health disparities. She has published her research in a variety of journals, including Journalism Quarterly (now JQMC), Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media; Journalism Educator, Journal of Black Studies, Journal of Negro Education, Journal of Health Communication, Journal of Dental Education, and Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. Her recent and current research examines how diversity dimensions (ethnicity, race, and gender) influence how individuals and groups respond to and process health messages and risk communication.

Carolyn A. Stroman, Ph.D.
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