Anju Grover Chaudhary, Ph.D.

Graduate Professor, Department of Communication, Culture & Media Studies (CCMS)

Education: PhD., Public Communication, University of Maryland; M.A., Journalism, University of Maryland; M.A., History, Howard University; B.A., History, Howard University

Courses Taught: International Communication; Internet and Society; Mass Communication & Society; Mass Communication Effects; Readings in Mass Communication Studies; Independent Study; Thesis and Dissertation. Undergraduate Courses: Ethics in Journalism; Ethics in Media.

Professional Experience: Dr. Chaudhary‘s professional experience includes working as an editor at various places, including NUS Corporation, The World Bank, AMEX International, The Washington Star and The Washington Times. She received numerous grants from Howard University’s Fund for Academic Excellence Award as well as from The American Press Institute, Carnegie Mellon Fellowship, Poynter Institute, Newspaper Association of America, Knight-Ridder Tribune Information Services, Dow Jones Copy Editing Institute, etc. to attend a variety of seminars. She has presented scholarly papers in the United States as well as in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Thailand and Turkey. She is often asked by other universities to be on the advisory committees of theses and dissertations and faculty promotions. Dr. Chaudhary is also a recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award from Howard University (2007).

Research Interests: A specialist in the fields of international communication and new technologies, Dr. Chaudhary has edited numerous books, contributed several chapters in journalism textbooks, published a variety of articles in refereed academic journals, and has reviewed books in the field. Her special research interests are: International Communication, Comparative Media Systems, Internet and Mobile Technologies, Globalization, Convergence. Her co-edited book, Comparative Mass Media Systems, was considered a landmark in the field and was adopted as a text in more than 40 universities throughout the country. The book was later translated in Arabic and Malaysian languages. Her articles have appeared in numerous journals, including Journalism Quarterly, World Communication, Asian Journal of Communication, International Philosophical Quarterly, Gazette: The International Journal of Mass Communication, Media Asia, International Journal of Humanities, International Communication Bulletin and The Howard Journal of Communications, among others. She also serves on the editorial boards of The Howard Journal of Communications, Newspaper Research Journal, and Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.

Anju Grover Chaudhary, Ph.D.
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