Admission Criteria

Undergraduate Studies:

  • 3.0 GPA
  • 1057 was the average combined SAT Critical Reading and Math Score for first time in college students majoring in Communications over the last five years
  • 446 on the Writing Portion of the SAT, or combined English/Writing Portion of ACT 16
  • Admission essay indicating why the applicant selected the department and the applicant’s future goals
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Two letters from teachers OR one letter from a teacher and one letter from a counselor, who are able to evaluate the applicant’s ability to successfully complete college-level work, especially, writing, critical thinking and public communications
  • High school course requirements
    • 4 units of English
    • 2 units of Science
    • 2 units of Mathematics
    • 2 units of Social Science
    • 2 units of Foreign Language
    • 3 units of any other academic course counted toward graduation

Highly Recommended:

Submit a sample of creative writing, short screenplay, journalism, short film, video, audio, media sample, debate case, advertisement/commercial, promotional items, etc.

Graduate Studies

The Cathy Hughes School of Communications offers master’s and doctoral degrees. The traditional scholarly programs are housed in the Graduate School, but the faculty also hold appointments within the school. Two major areas of study are offered: Communications Sciences and Disorders, and Mass Communication and Media Studies. Applications for admission may be downloaded and printed or students may apply online. Click here for more information: Graduate School Admissions

Graduate Studies in the Howard University School of Communications can introduce you to applied professional skills and traditional scholarly research.

MFA Film Program

The applied professional program in the School is offered through our Master of Fine Arts in Film program (MFA-Film). This program is housed within the Cathy Hughes School of Communications. This hands-on program provides students with a sound and balanced education in film studies. Click here for more information: MFA Program Admissions